Special Transformers

Special transformers include transformers for electro-medical devices, motor-starting autotransformers, impedances for single-phase and 3-phase filtering and for starting 3-phase motors, AC/DC power supplies, transformers for electronic boards, toroidal transformers and special transformers also with the UL/CSA mark.

  Electro-medical Transformers  

Transformers for electro-medical devices are produced to meet the requirements of standard EN 61558-2-15
They meet the following requirements:
Short-circuit voltage Vcc <3% Vn
No-load current lo < 3% In
Leakage current < 0.5mA
In-rush current < 12In

  Motor-starting autotransformers   

This system guarantees the following advantages:
• Simple starting;
• Better adapted to motor characteristics;
• Input voltage up to 70% of rated voltage;
• Higher torque output than with star-triangle systems;
• Continuous supply of current

These autotransformers can power max. 5 starts per hour with 2 consecutive starts, each of which has a max. duration of 10 seconds.


On request PAT designs and builds:
• single-phase and 3-phase filter impedances
• 3-phase motor-starting impedances
AC/DC power supplies
The ANS series levelled power supplies, combined with specific transformers, can be used to power any DC electrical component. We produce the following models: 2A, 4A, 6A, 8A, 10A. The power supplies are fitted with supports for fixing on a DIN 50 022 bar, which makes wiring faster and easier.
  Transformers for electronic boards   

To meet specific requests we can produce transformers for electronic boards, encapsulated or not in 2-pack epoxy resin, with power ratings from 3VA up to 150VA
  Toroidal transformers  
On specific request we can supply toroidal transformers; both standard (primary 230V - secondary 12V or 24V), and special with power ratings from 30VA to 3000VA
  Special constructions  
PAT can design, develop and produce any kind of transformer to the customer's specifications.
Also with the UL/CSA mark.