Single-phase Isolating and Safety Transformers (TMSS)

The transformers of the TMSS series are suitable for all types of applications, even the most demanding, as they are made with high quality raw materials.
Ideal for powering electronic instruments and automated equipment.

  • Temperature of exercise   40°C
  • Thermal class   B (120°C)
  • Class isolation   I
  • Electrostatic screen   Of series
  • Degree of protection   IP 20
  • Tension of isolation   3000 V
  • Maximum power   5000VA
  • Primary tension max   1000V
  • Safety transformers   V20max 50V
  • Transformers of isolation   V20max 1000V

NOTE: on request, these transformers can be produced with the following characteristics:
• Insulation class II
• Thermal class F (150°C)
• Fuse-holder terminals on secondary (V<250V)