Single-phase Control Transformers (TME)

TME series transformers are designed for applications where overall dimensions and costs must be kept to a minimum, without having too much of an effect on the quality of the finished product.
For TME transformers with a central socket on the secondary voltage, the maximum power output refers to the highest secondary voltage, while a power output equal to 50% of the rated power is available at the central socket.

  • Temperature of exercise   25°C
  • Thermal class   B (120°C)
  • Class isolation   I
  • Electrostatic screen   On request
  • Degree of protection   IP 20
  • Tension of isolation   3000V
  • Maximum power   1500VA
  • Primary tension max   1000V
  • Safety transformers   V20max 50V
  • Transformers of isolation   V20max 1000V

NOTE: on request, these transformers can be produced with the following characteristics:
• Insulation class II
• Thermal class F (150°C)
• Fuse-holder terminals on secondary (V<250V)