Photovoltaic Transformers

This particular series of transformers must have extremely low power losses for the best possible performance (value determined by the rated output of the transformer).
This is particularly important for the performance of a photovoltaic system, as high performance means more energy is transferred to the mains, improving the economic balance of the system.
This is a new product line of isolating transformers with extremely low power losses and very high performance.

  Degree of protection   IP 00
  Insulation class   F (Ta max 35 °C)
  Insulated windings cl. H 200 °C
  Impregnated in resin and tropicalized
  Grounded copper shield between primary and secondary
  Terminal connection for DIN rail up to 150 kVA
  Grain oriented low loss magnetic cores
  Connection: YNyn0 or Dyn11 (unless otherwise required)
  Installed in metal box on request
  Lifting eyebolts