3-phase/single-phase Transformers (TTM)

TTM transformers are ideal for powering particularly high single-phase loads (ex. ovens).
In this way it is possible to obtain an equal distribution of the load between the various phases, with all the advantages of galvanic separation between the primary and secondary windings.

  • Temperature of exercise   40°C
  • Thermal class   B (120°C)
  • Class isolation   I
  • Electrostatic screen   Yes
  • Degree of protection   IP 20
  • Tension of isolation   2750V
  • Maximum power   40 KVA
  • Primary tension max   1000 V
  • Safety transformers   V20max 50V  Pmax 16KVA
  • Transformers of isolation   V20max 1000V  Pmax 40KVA

NOTE: on request, these transformers can be produced with the following characteristics:
• Thermal class F (150°C) or H (180°C)

• Fuse-holder terminals
• Any tension
• Any connection