3-phase Power Transformers (TTP)

  • Temperature of exercise   40 °C
  • Thermal class   F (150 °C)
  • Class isolation   I
  • Electrostatic screen   Of series
  • Degree of protection   IP 20
  • Tension of isolation   4000 V
  • Power   40 KVA - 250 KVA
  • Primary tension max   1000 V
  • Secondary tension max   500 V

NOTE: on request, these transformers can be produced with the following characteristics:
• Thermal class F (150°C) or H (180°C)
• Any tension

• Any connection

  Advantages: greatly reduces disturbance and loss caused

by third  harmonic currents. Especially in the primary.

Disadvantages: no neutral


Advantages: neutral
  Disadvantages: considerable increase in disturbance caused

by third harmonic currents; especially in the case of

unbalanced loads or if neutral is disconnected.